12 Names of Popular Indonesian Music Bands That Turn Out to be Abbreviations

Young people, some of the names of Indonesian music bands  that you usually hear are actually abbreviations that you might not be aware of. 

One of the Indonesian bands whose name comes from an abbreviation is MALIQ & D’Essentials, which stands for ‘Music and Live Instrumental Quality’.

The reason is, many Indonesian music lovers consider the word ‘MALIQ’ in MALIQ & D’Essentials to be the name of a person, whether one of the personnel or a name related to the music group.

Apart from MALIQ & D’Essentials, below is a list of band names in Indonesia which apparently are abbreviations . You know that, don’t you?

1. Maliq & D’Essentials


As mentioned above, MALIQ & D’Essentials is an abbreviation for Music and Live Instrumental Quality, you know. The reason is, they have spilled this abbreviation in one of their songs entitled “Beautiful Life”, in the song which also tells the story of their gig journey, there is a fragment of the lyrics as follows.

Though we got no money and still do it for free

For the sake of music and live instrument quality

Didn’t think the crowd would love it or even understand it

But they actually sang and danced as long as we kicked it

2. The SIGIT


Initially, the name The SIGIT was taken from the name of the vocalist’s father, Kawula Muda. However, as time went by, this rock music group decided to create an acronym for The SIGIT to make it cooler, they said.

“Finally on Google, it’s just The SIGIT, it’s not cool enough, even though my father’s name is,” said Rekti, vocalist of The SIGIT, quoting Kompas. 

The SIGIT finally stands for The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent . If you pay attention, in several writings, the band The SIGIT is often written as ‘The SIGIT’ which shows that the name The SIGIT is indeed an acronym.

3. Peterpan


Maybe many young people already know that Peterpan is an acronym for ‘Antapani Terminal Youth’. As is known, Antapani is the name of the area in Bandung where the band singing “The Terdalam” originates.

Even though they also admit that Peterpan was inspired by a cartoon character, the personnel do not deny the abbreviation, Kawula Muda.


Slank Band

One of Indonesia’s legendary bands. The name SLANK was apparently inspired by their friends who often called them slengean guys . So, Slank is an abbreviation of the word slenge’an and uses the letter K to make the staff members cooler.



This boy group, which marks the initial era of the emergence of South Korean-style music groups in Indonesia, is indeed an abbreviation, Kawula Muda. Smash, which is usually written as SM*SH, is an abbreviation of Seven Man as Seven Heroes , which marks their seven personnel.

6. Dewa 19


If you think that Dewa 19 is a band inspired by the words ‘god’ and man, apparently this is not confirmed by the members. The reason is, Dewa 19 is an extension of Dhani, Erwin, Wawan, and Andra who are said to be the four founding fathers of Dewa 19, Kawula Muda.



It seems that Ahmad Dhani’s hobby is making abbreviations for the music projects he is working on, Young People. One of the side projects of Dewa 19 under the management of Republik Cinta turns out to be an abbreviation, TRIAD is an abbreviation of The Rock Indonesia and Ahmad Dhani, previously TRIAD was known as The Rock.

8. SoulVibe


The music group SoulVibe also stands for ‘Sound of Universal Love: Various Instrument Behavior’, you know. This music group, which is popular with the songs “Biarlah (Delete Love)” and “Gerangan Cinta” was formed in 2003.

9. Kla Project

Kla Project

The band that accompanies the confused 90s kids is also an abbreviation for its members, you know. It is known that Kla Project is an abbreviation for the four personnel, namely Katon Bagaskara, Lilo, Adi Adrian and Ari Burhani.

10. Scaller


One of the Indonesian indie bands that has done showcases in several countries, Scaller, it turns out that the word Scaller itself has no meaning in English, you know. Therefore, the duo Reney Karamoy and Stella Gareth made the name Scaller an abbreviation of ‘Simply Call Reverse’, where the word Reverse is considered to be the essence of the name of this band which wants to ‘return’ to the music era of the 60s to 90s.

11. Yovie & Nuno

yovie and nuno

Many are curious about the word ‘Nuno’ in the name Yovie & Nuno. The reason is, Yovie is the name of one of the former personnel, Yovie Widianto.

Yovie then revealed that Yovie & Nuno was the name of a band.

“Yovie & Nuno is a brand name, the brand name of a band. My name is Yovie Widianto, not Yovie & Nuno. The name is indeed a unit called Yovie & Nuno,” said Yovie, quoting Kompas.

And the word Nuno itself has a deep meaning, “Nuno means Numero Uno which means number one, the name is hope and prayer,” he said.

So remember, young people. ‘Nuno’ is ‘ numero uno ‘, not a person’s name…

12.ST 12

ST 12ST 12

The band with the initial formation of Charly Van Houten, Pepeng, Pepep, and the late Iman Rush chose the name ST12 which is an abbreviation of Jalan Stasiun Timur No. 12 which is the headquarters of the band which now has a new face.

Kawula Muda, so those are 12 Indonesian band names which apparently come from abbreviations. I wonder, are there any other Indonesian band names that are abbreviations?

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