Last Child Returns to Pop Punk Again, Virgoun: Let Listeners Who Have Only Heard the Song ‘Grief’ Know Our Original Music!

Last Child is back! As well as celebrating 16 years of career, the band fronted by Virgoun (vocals), Dimaz Rangga (bass), and Ipank (drums) released their newest ” Moments That “.

If you listen to this song, you could say it’s louder than Last Child’s works in recent years.

The thing is, Virgoun wanted to let new Last Child listeners hear that the band also had its rocky days.

“Those Moments were created for two purposes. Firstly, to relieve the longing of Last Friends (as Last Child fans are known) to reminisce about the fast songs like when the band was first formed. “And secondly, introducing Last Child’s original musical identity to ‘kids today’ who only know our songs as Grief, Surrender and a few other songs,” said Virgoun.

“If you ask what makes it different compared to previous songs, I think that yesterday we came out with songs that were fast, but lyrically they were confusing, right? So what’s really cool now is, lyrically it’s still love, but we’re taking it from the fun side. Guaranteed to be fun!”, added Ipank.

In terms of theme, “Those Moments” is inspired by the true story of the vocalist’s love journey; about a band boy who meets a girl at a music event, and with all his limitations struggles to win the girl’s love in the hope that one day she will become his life partner.

“Virgoun actually wrote this song a long time ago, up to now he has changed the arrangement 3 times, but this latest version is the funniest, because the three of us have known each other since high school, the chemistry and direction of the music we want to take together have already come together. ; “Just return the sense of music to the beginning of Last Child’s career,” continued Dimaz.

Yep, that’s right. This song has actually “appeared” in the series Me and the Time Machine (2021) which can be watched on the Dapur Musik YouTube channel.2 of 2 pages

“Well, when the project Me and the Time Machine was released, one of the songs that was asked about in the comments was this song. Because at that time we gave very little leaks, so many people asked what the song was in that episode, that minute, whose song was it and what was the title? Then we agreed, no one answered, so we just had to wait for the game date. Hahaha!”, continued Virgoun.

Last Child also hopes that “Those Moments” can be a form of celebration for those who are in love, as well as a celebration of togetherness for their friendship.

“Most people say ‘don’t look back, just look forward, move on’; like that, yeah. But through this song, we give another perspective, sometimes looking back can be that fun, you know, there are definitely sweet and beautiful events that can be a mood-booster for us in the present. “Well, hopefully this can be felt,” added Dimaz.

“Insha Allah, this song can be accepted, digested and enjoyed. For those who miss Last Child, you can get relief while moshing or head-banging perhaps. “Continue, for those who know Last Child through this song, hopefully it can be a song to accompany PDKT/going out with, and can also be played when you’re having fun hanging out with friends, because good times last forever!”, concluded Ipank.

Listen to Last Child – Those Times below:

Profile of Reality Club, a Local Band that is World Famous

Have you ever heard the song Reality Club, a local indie band that is so successful that it has become a favorite of many people in neighboring countries? If not, Blibli Friends must check out their music! Their achievements are really impressive, let’s get to know them starting by checking the full Reality Club profile below

Reality Club is an indie band from Jakarta that was founded in 2016. The music genres they play are indie pop and indie rock. Currently, Reality Club has 4 members. Even though they have the status of an independent band, Reality Club has proven to be very active in releasing songs, Extended Plays and albums. It is proven that they have released 4 albums from 2017 to 2023. 

Reality Club Personnel

Currently, Reality Club consists of 4 members . There is Fathia “Chia” Izzati as vocalist and keyboard player , Anugrah “Nugi” Wicaksono as bass player , Era Pratigo Rizky as drummer, and Faiz Novascotia Saripudin as vocalist and guitarist. Meanwhile, the two former members are Mayo Falmonti and Iqbal Anggakusumah. 

Diskografi Reality Club

Here is the list of albums that Reality Club has released:

  • Never Get Better – released August 19, 2017 independently.
  • Never Get Better (Japanese Version) – released February 22 2019 under the Lirico / Inpartmaint label.
  • What Do You Really Know? – released 30 August 2019 independently.
  • Reality Club Presents – released May 26, 2023 independently. 

Meanwhile, the Extended Play (EP) that Reality Club released was entitled The Rush and Other Vices, which was released on September 25 2020 independently. There are quite a lot of popular Single Reality Clubs, below are some of them:

  • Is It The Answer? – rilis 2017
  • Elastic Hearts – rilis 2017
  • Alexandra – released 2019
  • SSR – released 2019
  • Telenovia – released 2019
  • I Wish I Was Your Joke – rilis 2021
  • You Let Her Go Again – rilis 2021 
  • Tell Me I’m Wrong – rilis 2021
  • Anything You Want – rilis 2022
  • Dancing in The Breeze Alone – rilis 2023
  • Desire – release 2023. 

Unique Facts About Reality Club

Here are some unique facts about Reality Club:

1. Starting from Home Training

Reality Club careers start from the bottom too, you know. They were originally a band that practiced at home. Even the recording was done at home. Didn’t expect it to be as successful as it is now! This band was actually initiated by Mayo Falmonti. Mayo invited Fathia, who already had her own YouTube channel, and Era Pratigo Rizky to form a band. 

Fathia then invited her older brother, Faiz Novascotia Saripudin, to join this band. After that, he also invited his friend, Iqbal Anggakusumah. Along the way, Mayo finally had other activities and decided to resign. Likewise with Iqbal. So in the end there were just four of them. 

2. Successful Tour Abroad

Reality Club’s songs and albums were successfully received by music lovers in Indonesia until they finally decided to go on tour. For their second album, Reality Club chose to tour in 3 places, namely Palembang, Makassar and Bali. These three concerts were a great success, Reality Club managed to meet directly with fans and even attract new fans .

Reality Club knows very well that fans of their music do not only come from Indonesia, so they are also trying to make their dream of performing abroad a reality. This dream came true in 2019, Reality Club finally successfully held their first overseas tour in Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. 

Amazingly, Reality Club was invited to one of the prestigious world music festivals, South By Southwest (SXSW) 2020 which was held in Austin, Texas. Unfortunately this event was not held due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

3. Become a Nominee for a Prestigious Music Award

Reality Club has often been nominated for various prestigious music awards. Among them are Best Newcomer at Anugerah Musik Indonesia 2018, Duo/Group/Vocal Group/Alternative Collaboration at Anugerah Musik Indonesia 2020 and 2021. Even though they are only nominees, they are all big achievements for an indie band like Reality Club. 

4. Reality Club will appear at Pestapora

If you can’t wait to see Reality Club’s performance live, you can clear the schedule for 22 – 24 September 2023. Reality Club will perform at Pestapora 2023 which will be held at Gambir Expo and Hall D JIEXPO, Kemayoran. It’s really exciting, because at Blibli Friends you can watch various performances by musicians from all genres of music in Indonesia!

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Chris Martin’s Hilarious Action in the Middle of a Concert, Borrowing a Hundred from the Audience via Pantun

Chris Martin gave fans a surprise in the middle of his performance when he appeared with Coldplay personnel at the GBK Main Stadium, Jakarta, Wednesday (15/11/2023) evening. The reason is, after performing several songs such as Higher Power, Adventure Of A Lifetime, and Paradise, Chris suddenly read a rhyme. “Hi Jakarta. “I want to read rhymes,” said Chris Martin, trying to speak Indonesian. Read Also Bringing Higher Power, Coldplay Opens the Concert with an Invitation to Get the Audience Excited “Tuesday, physics exam. “In order to study, in order to graduate, first borrow a hundred,” said Chris Martin. Spectators throughout the GBK stadium area were suddenly ‘laughing’ in congregation. Even though he sounded a little stuttered when reading the rhyme, Chris succeeded in stirring the stomachs of the audience with his Indonesian jokes. For your information, Coldplay finally opened their first concert entitled Musif of Spheres World Tour in Jakarta on Wednesday (15/11/2023) evening. After opening with Rahmania Astrini’s performance, Chris Martin cs then entered the stage area to greet the fans who had filled the GBK stadium area. As usual, Chris Martin and his friends appeared in bright, colorful outfits and on a magnificent stage set. Read Also Chris Martin Says Assalaamualaikum when Opening the Coldplay Concert at GBK Jakarta The audience present was hysterical. They looked enthusiastic because this was the first time the British rock band had performed in Indonesia. The atmosphere was not only broken by the loud screams of the audience, but also the stunning performance of Coldplay personnel when they performed the song entitled Higher Power. As the title suggests, the song succeeded in raising the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the audience present. Not to mention the sudden appearance of the GBK stadium like stars shining at night because the wrist bands worn by each visitor seemed to light up and flicker and change color.

6 International Bands Concerting in Indonesia in 2023, One OK Rock to Coldplay – 2023 will be the most exciting year for music lovers. Many foreign musicians have confirmed that they will hold concerts in Indonesia.

After Coldplay announced that they would stop by in Indonesia in November, the band One OK Rock also announced a concert schedule for September. In July, The Strokes will first visit fans in Indonesia through We The Fest.

6 International Bands Concerting in Indonesia in 2023, One OK Rock to Coldplay – 2023 will be the most exciting year for music lovers. Many foreign musicians have confirmed that they will hold concerts in Indonesia.

After Coldplay announced that they would stop by in Indonesia in November, the band One OK Rock also announced a concert schedule for September. In July, The Strokes will first visit fans in Indonesia through We The Fest.

What international bands will hold concerts in Indonesia in 2023? Following is the list.

1. Vertical Horizon (13-14 July 2023)

performance by 90s alternative rock band, Vertical Horizon ©

The famous American alternative rock band in the late 90s, Vertical Horizon will hold concerts in Jakarta and Yogyakarta on July 13 2023 (Jakarta) and July 12 2023 (Yogyakarta). This news was conveyed by the band’s management via the Instagram page @officialverticalhorizon (13/6/2023).

announcement of the Vertical Horizon concert schedule in Indonesia ©

On July 13 2023, the band fronted by Matt Scannell will perform at the Black Owl restaurant in North Jakarta. The next date, namely July 14 2023, they will appear at the Prambanan Jazz Festival.

Vertical Horizon fans show enthusiasm through the comments column. Those who generally come from Gen Y hope to be nostalgic with hit songs such as “Everything You Want”, “You’re a God”, and “Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)”.

2. The Strokes (between 21-23 July 2023)

performance by the band The Strokes ©

We The Fest is one of the music festivals that Indonesian music lovers have been looking forward to, especially because it features international musicians. This event will be held from 21 to 23 July 2023.

On February 21 2023, We The Fest released the first phase line up list. One of the names of the performers who stole attention was The Strokes.

We The Fest will be the first appearance of Julian Casablancas and friends in Indonesia. “Indonesia! See you in July at We The Fest.” That’s the statement from The Strokes via their Instagram account.

3. The 1975 (between 21-23 July 2023)

Apart from The Strokes, there is another international band that is looking forward to appearing at We The Fest. This is The 1975, a four piece band from Manchester.

The band, which consists of Matty Healy, is included in the list of first phase performer lineups released by We The Fest management. Currently, the alternative rock and indie rock band is busy with a North American tour.

The 1975’s appearance will be their second at We The Fest. Previously, they also participated in the same music festival in 2016.

4. Radwimps (July 30, 2023)

Rock band from Japan, Radwimps will hold a concert at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta. The concert, which is part of their Asian Tour, will be held on July 30 2023.

The concert schedule was announced by the promoter, PK Entertainment. “@radwimps_jp will head to Jakarta for the first time with the 2023 Asian Tour on Sunday, July 30 2023 at Basket Hall Senayan GBK,” wrote PK Entertainment via social media, Friday (7/4/2023). In the April 27 2023 upload, the concert venue was changed to Tennis Indoor Senayan GBK.

Radwimps became known globally after providing the OST for Makoto Shinkai’s successful anime, Your Name (Kimi no Na wa). The songs “Zenzense”, “Sparkle”, and “Dream Lantern” from the film made them widely known. Apart from Jakarta, they will visit Seoul, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok in the Asia Tour series.

5. One OK Rock (29-30 September 2023)

appearance of the Japanese band, One OK Rock ©

Another Japanese band, One OK Rock, will hold a postponed concert in Jakarta on September 29 2023. Their presence will be a remedy for disappointment for fans who have already bought concert tickets in 2020, but they were canceled due to the pandemic.

One OK Rock concert schedule in Indonesia ©

After visiting North America to promote the album Luxury Disease, they will appear in several Asian countries. The Indonesian concert will be held at Beach City International Stadium, Ancol, Jakarta.

After tickets sold out, One OK Rock responded to the enthusiasm of its fans in Indonesia with additional days. So, Taka and friends will appear on September 29 and September 30 2023.

6. Coldplay (November 15, 2023)

Finally, there is Coldplay who will have their first concert in Indonesia on November 15 2023. The band fronted by Chris Martin will hold the Coldplay Music of the Spheres World Tour at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta.

The concert was managed by PK Entertainment which also handled the One OK Rock concert. Coldplay’s concert plans caused a stir on social media, even causing a number of parties to pledge demonstrations to reject the arrival of Chris and his friends.

After visiting Indonesia, Coldplay will hold a 4-day concert in Singapore at the end of January 2024. Not a few fans who haven’t got tickets intend to go there.

That’s a list of international bands that will concert in Indonesia in 2023. Have you prepared your tickets to watch which ones?

List of 2024 Music Concerts in Indonesia, from K-pop to Metal Bands

No less lively than in previous years, more and more foreign musicians are lining up to perform in Indonesia throughout 2024. This can be seen from the large list of music concerts scheduled by foreign musicians who are planned to perform in Indonesia until mid-2024. 

The interesting news is that the 2024 music concert series in Indonesia will not only be filled with K-pop artists. However, there will be many musicians, pianists and female singers, as well as international bands from Europe to the United States who will concert in Indonesia.

The large number of musicians lining up to perform in Indonesia seems to be a moment to promote Indonesia to the wider community and bring in many foreign tourists. So, it can help encourage the development of the national economy in the future.

So, who are the foreign musicians who are ready to give concerts in Indonesia?

Jonas Brothers

After waiting quite a long time, the Jonas Brothers will finally make their first appearance in Indonesia on February 24 2024. Consisting of Kevin, Joe and Nick, the Jonas Brothers will hold a concert entitled ” THE TOUR ” at ICE BSD, South Tangerang. 

It’s an opportunity that’s a shame to miss. Remember, only two Asian countries are included in this legendary group’s tour series, namely Indonesia and the Philippines. The first concert from the three brothers group from New Jersey, United States is part of a world tour which is also a celebration of the Jonas Brothers’ 6th album: The Album (2023).

Photo: Ed Sheeran’s signature appearance with his flagship acoustic guitar (Shutterstock/yakub88)

Ed Sheeran

The next music concert schedule for foreign musicians who will enliven the Indonesian music stage is Ed Sheeran. This singer and songwriter from England will perform in Indonesia on March 2 2023, as part of a world tour entitled ” +-=÷x Tour ” or The Mathematics Tour . The plan is that Ed Sheeran’s concert in Indonesia will be held at the Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Main Stadium.

Ed Sheeran’s concert in Indonesia has been eagerly awaited by all his fans. Remember, Ed Sheeran last greeted Indonesian fans in 2019. Interestingly, on The Mathematics Tour in Indonesia, Calum Scott was chosen as a guest star and opening act at the upcoming Ed Sheeran concert.

New love

If you like the song called Colorway which tells about the feelings of a man who is unsure about the relationship he is in, you definitely know this singer: Novo Amor. Reportedly, this indie-rock and folk musician who was born on August 11 1991 will perform in Indonesia on March 2 2024. The Novo Amor concert will be held at the Basket Hall, Gelora Bung Karno (GBK).

Real name Ali Lacey, Novo Amor is known as a multi-instrument musician with a soft falsetto voice. In this series of world tours, Novo Amor will invite its fans to evoke feelings of nostalgia through melodious voices and soulful songs.

Diana Krall

If Parekraf friends like listening to jazz music, you are definitely very familiar with the name Diana Krall. This year, Diana Krall is scheduled to hold a solo concert in Indonesia on May 4 2024. The location is at JIExpo Theater, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

For your information, Diana Krall is a female jazz musician from Canada with a contralto voice type . This is what makes his voice sound very beautiful when singing while playing the piano. Thanks to her skill in singing and playing the piano, it is not surprising that Diana Krall has won the Grammy Awards twice.


Good news for UENA (IU fans). On April 27-28 2024, South Korean musician and actress, IU, will return to her concert in Indonesia. IU’s presence to greet Indonesian fans this time is part of the ” 2024 IU HER World Tour Concert ” tour series which will start in early March 2024.

Held for two days at Hall 5-6 ICE BSD, South Tangerang, IU’s concert tour in Indonesia will be a cure for longing for UENA members. Remember, the last time IU held a world tour was in 2019 entitled ” Love, Poem ” at Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta.

Niall Horan

Another foreign musician lining up to perform in Indonesia this year is Niall Horan. This former member of the boy group One Direction will hold a tour entitled ” The Show Live on Tour 2024 in Jakarta ” at Beach City International Stadium, Ancol, on May 11 2024.

The plan is that Niall Horan will perform all the songs from his three solo albums: Flicker (2017), Heartbreak Weather (2020), and The Show (2023). Carrying the concept of an intimate concert , don’t be surprised if Parekraf friends who watch live will feel a strong bond with Niall Horan directly.

Lamb of God

Last performing in Indonesia 9 years ago, now Indonesian Metalheads have to get ready to see the action of the legendary metal band from Virginia, United States: Lamb of God. The reason is, Lamb of God will be the main line up in the biggest metal music festival in Indonesia, Hammersonic 2024, which is planned to be held on 4-5 May 2024 at Carnaval Ancol Beach, North Jakarta.

Apart from Lamb of God, there are actually many rock musicians and bands that are in the line up for Hammersonic 2024. Some of them are Yngwie Malmsteen, Suicide Silence, Converge, and Misery Index.

So, have you got tickets to any music concerts, bro?


What is export?

Export is the activity of removing goods from the Indonesian customs area to the customs area of ​​another country or simply exporting is the activity of selling goods from within the country to abroad. People who carry out export activities are called exporters. So do you understand what is meant by export?

Export destination

Apart from selling a domestic product, the aim of exporting is to expand sales abroad so that sales profits will also increase. Apart from that, the benefit of exporting for a country is that it helps increase the country’s foreign exchange.

What conditions must be met to export?

To become a successful beginner exporter, you need to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. ​Preparing Business Legality  To be able to carry out export activities, entrepreneurs or exporters in Indonesia need to have an Export Permit. So you need to make sure your company is a legal entity and has complete business permits such as a Trading Business License (SIUP), NPWP, NIK (Customs Identity Number), and TDP (Company Registration Certificate). The legality of this business makes your export business legitimate and legal.
  2. Understand International Trade Procedures.  Understand the applicable international trade procedures and rules, as well as the export standards that must be met. For example, make sure your product meets the quality standards set in the destination country in order to compete in the international market. Also get to know the shipping cost process, selecting freight forwarder services , goods insurance, and customs procedures.
  3. Use the SiMoDIS Application  Use the Real-Time Integrated Foreign Exchange Monitoring System (SiMoDIS) to monitor and track export and import activities, as well as information related to foreign exchange. That way, you can assess your export performance and make reports efficiently. 
  4. Take advantage of TD Currency DHE from Bank Indonesia.  By utilizing the Term Deposit in Foreign Currency Proceeds from Export Foreign Exchange (TD Valas DHE) from Bank Indonesia, you can place your foreign exchange proceeds from exports in Bank Indonesia at competitive interest rates. Apart from that, you will also get various additional incentives, so that the foreign exchange proceeds from your exports are safe and of course more profitable. Currently there are 20 banks appointed to place exporter customer funds with Bank Indonesia. 

By fulfilling the requirements above, you will be better prepared to start a successful export business. Don’t hesitate to seek further information and consult with related parties who have been successful as exporters.

NTB’s Exports Will Increase in 2024, Non-Oil and Gas Excavated Mining Goods are the Biggest Contributor

Mataram – The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of NTB Province released that the export value of NTB Province in January 2024 was US$ 184.72 million, an increase while the import value in January 2024 was US$ 171.42 million. 

The largest export commodities are dominated by non-oil and gas mining minerals.

This was conveyed by the Head of BPS NTB Province, Drs. Wahyudin, MM when delivering the official news release of statistics related to exports and imports in the Tambora Hall meeting room of the BPS NTB office, Thursday (15/02/24).

“Excavated/mined goods are the biggest contributor to NTB’s export value,” he said.

He explained that the largest export commodity groups for NTB Province in January 2024 were Non-Oil and Gas Excavated/Mining Goods amounting to US$ 181,821,307 (98.43 percent), jewelry/gems amounting to US$ 1,260,409 (0.68 percent), Fish and Shrimp amounting to US$ 1,080,421 (0.58 percent), Oily Grains amounting to US$ 260,987 (0.14 percent), Salt, Sulfur and Lime amounting to US$ 244,183 (0.13 percent), and Fruits amounting to US$ 35,000 (0.02 percent).

Meanwhile, the imported commodity groups with the largest value in January 2024 are Mechanical Machines/Aircraft (81.21 percent), Rubber and Rubber Goods (11.09 percent), Electrical Machines and Equipment (3.88), Plastics and Goods from Plastic (2.14), Mineral Fuels (0.49 percent), and home furniture and lighting (0.43). (Manikp@kominfo)

Angger Dimas: The More I Smile, The More I Break Down

Angger Dimas gave a statement regarding many netizens who criticized him for smiling amidst the news of the death of his son, Dante. He asked netizens not to give bad comments to him.

“The more I smile, the more broken I actually am,” said Angger Dimas when met at Polda Metro Jaya, here.

“Please, don’t comment on my face when I smile,” he explained again.

Angger Dimas also knows that currently his ex-wife, Tamara Tyasmara, is being criticized by netizens because her smiling photo is being widely discussed. He also defended Tamara Tyasmara.

“Please everyone, no matter what, we know what position my ex-wife is in, please don’t press before anything happens, we still follow the law in Indonesia,” said Angger Dimas.

“I ask not to put too much pressure. I ask for help because I want her to be the mother of my child. I ask to be nice, to be positive before the results come out,” he continued.

Even though he wants to try to reduce netizens’ insults, Angger Dimas is not concerned about his ex-wife’s condition. According to him, like it or not, such conditions must be faced.

“Yes, I’m not really concerned. Actually, this is something that has to be faced. Yes, just like me, I wasn’t there when I suddenly received news, so that’s what I have to accept,” said Angger Dimas.

Angger Dimas believes Tamara Tyasmara feels the same sadness as him after losing her only child.

“Even though I no longer have any relationship with Tamara, I’m sure she is very sad,” he concluded.

7 Ways to Start Your Own Business that You Can Apply

How to start a business may seem difficult for someone who wants to enter the business world for the first time. In doing your own business, you need insight or knowledge to do it, not just preparing capital.

There are other things that need to be prepared by someone who wants to start their own business. Especially if you are starting from scratch or have no previous experience, it is important to know how to start a business step by step.

The following are steps for starting a business that you can follow. It’s not just a way for your business to get off the ground, but also a stage that can make your business have the potential to be successful.

  1. Determine the type of businessThe first way to start a business is to determine the type of business you will manage. If you still feel confused about what type of business to open, you can determine the type of business according to what you like. This is a reasonable way to start a business to make it easier to provide the best quality products or services. The reason is that by implementing this method of starting a business, you will start by positioning yourself as a loyal consumer who wants the product or service you receive to be of the best quality. Apart from that, by determining the type of business based on your preferences, you can also more easily present innovations in the future, because you already have a strong foundation or are already understood. If you like culinary delights, you can start by starting a business by introducing the variety of foods and drinks you like. Likewise, if you like fashion, clothing or accessories could be the first step you can take in starting a business.
  2. Do your researchAfter determining the type of business you want, the next thing you need to do to start a business is research so that you know the ins and outs of the type of business you are going to run. Research is also needed so that you can determine the trends that are currently popular with consumers, so that your business strategy can be right on target and can provide significant profits and development.By doing research as a way to determine a good business method, you can also find the advantages and disadvantages of the type of business you will run later. So from the results of this research you can start to minimize the shortcomings and maximize the advantages of this type of business. Research also has a role in determining quality and trusted suppliers or providers of raw materials for your future business. 
  3. Make an estimateIn determining how to start a business for beginners , you certainly need financial records . Therefore, it is important for you to create a budget first before starting to carry out a comprehensive business plan regarding operational workflows. This budget is needed so that you can start a business well and not exceed the budget or capital you have.Having a budget is also important in maximizing the implementation of your business strategy. Make a budget according to the essential needs of your business. Don’t be too hasty to perfect all lines of business. If you don’t save money and have a good budget, you might end up losing money later.
  4. Prepare capitalOnce you have a final budget, it’s time to prepare capital . In carrying out the steps on how to start this business, make sure you have savings for business capital first. Don’t rush to borrow capital if you feel you don’t have the confidence or the right timeline to return the capital you borrow. If you feel it is still not enough, you can first increase the nominal amount of money in your savings. Don’t feel that you will be late in starting a business.It’s never too late, because trends among consumers are dynamic and will continue to roll out over time and technological innovation will continue to develop to provide ease in doing business. By being a little patient, you might later find a better and more relevant strategy in running your business so that it can provide better profits than now.
  5. Determine the Time to Start a BusinessThe next way to start a business, you can determine the right time to start a business. Don’t determine the time haphazardly, because starting a business is no joke. Don’t be in a hurry, because starting a business requires careful calculations, if you make the slightest mistake you could suffer losses. For example, when approaching the holy month of Ramadan, the most appropriate business is selling Muslim clothing and Eid cakes. From this example, you can have a clear picture of the right time to start a business. So, choose the right time to start your business.
  6. Determine the uniqueness of your business product or serviceHow to start this business is no less important than how to start other businesses. Because, in the business world there is such a thing as competition, so by starting this business you have to determine the uniqueness of the product or service in your business. The goal is so that you can get through the business competition process.Moreover, nowadays competition is getting tougher, so every product or service marketed must have more appeal and attract the hearts of consumers. Apart from that, by determining the uniqueness of your business product or service, consumers will remember your product more compared to other similar brand products.
  7. Create the right promotional strategy for your product or serviceYou have to think carefully about how to start this business and be on target. Creating the right promotional strategy for your business is mandatory. The goal is to introduce your business products to potential consumers. The more precise the promotion you do, the more people will know about the products in your business. Moreover, times are increasingly sophisticated and easier to promote anything. This is a plus that you can use to promote your business products or services.

After doing all the ways to start a business above, the next thing you have to do is manage your finances properly in your ongoing business. That way, the business you are managing can grow and the capital you have risked can return as profits come in.

With the advantages you have, it would be good for you to improve your financial management skills well. One way is by saving. By saving a little profit regularly, you can later allocate the available funds to increase business capital for business development. To make it easier for you to save, CIMB Niaga has a Business Savings product as a solution for saving while providing attractive benefits for your business. 

CIMB Niaga Business Savings also offers facilities that make your business operations and transactions easier, one of which is the Pick Up Service feature. With this feature, the CIMB Niaga team will come at the agreed time and place to make cash deposits. So you no longer need to spend special time going to the branch office to just deposit cash. Apart from that, the Pick Up Service feature from CIMB Niaga also offers free fees. Find complete information here

Starmer withdraws support for Rochdale by-election candidate after ‘deeply offensive’ anti-Israel rant

Labour finally acts after spending much of Monday trying to defend Azhar Ali – with party suspending him pending an investigation

Labour has withdrawn its support for Rochdale by-election candidate Azhar Ali after criticism of remarks he made about Israel, a party spokesperson said.

Mr Ali was recorded suggesting in a meeting of the Lancashire Labour Party that Israel had allowed the October 7 Hamas assault as a pretext to invade Gaza.

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A Labour Party spokesperson said: “Following new information about further comments made by Azhar Ali coming to light today, the Labour party has withdrawn its support for Azhar Ali as our candidate in  the Rochdale by-election.

“Keir Starmer has changed Labour so that it is unrecognisible from the party of 2019.

“We understand that these are highly unusual circumstances but it is vital that any candidate put forward by Labour fully represents its aims and values.

“Given that nominations have now closed Azhar Ali cannot be replaced as the candidate.”

It is too late for Labour to withdraw Mr Ali as their candidate and replace him with someone else as the deadline passed on February 2.

It is understood that Mr Ali has been suspended from the Labour party pending an investigation.

Labour faced intense pressure since the remarks surfaced, with widespread condemnation from party members and political rivals.

Mr Ali is alleged to have told a meeting of the Lancashire Labour Party: “The Egyptians are saying that they warned Israel 10 days earlier… Americans warned them a day before [that] there’s something happening…

“They deliberately took the security off, they allowed… that massacre that gives them the green light to do whatever they bloody want.”

After the Mail on Sunday published details of the recording, Mr Ali issued an apology stating that October 7 had been “the greatest loss of Jewish life in a single day since the Holocaust, and Jews in the UK and across the world are living in fear of rising antisemitism”.

Silence is golden for Labour on ‘conspiracy theory’ Rochdale candidate

Silence is golden for Labour on ‘conspiracy theory’ Rochdale candidate

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A spokesperson for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “Sir Keir Starmer has blotted an otherwise fairly admirable copy book and given the public reason to doubt the earnestness of his promise to tear antisemitism out ‘by its roots’ in Labour.

“People will have to judge for themselves whether the additional reported comments by Azhar Ali are really any worse than the comments that had already been reported.

“Rather than appearing as a principled decision, Labour’s withdrawal of support for its candidate at this late stage just looks as expedient as the failed attempt to defend him.

“It is the worst of all worlds for Labour.”