5 Most Famous Original Bandung Bands

JAKARTA – Bandung has no end of producing talented bands . Many famous Indonesian bands were born from Bandung. This band can even exist today.

The birth of great musicians and artists from Bandung cannot be separated from cultural roots. Art seems closely connected to the community. This is why many musicians attended because it was supported by the atmosphere and environment.read also:

Here are the 5 most famous original Bandung bands

1. Noah

5 Most Famous Original Bandung Bands

Noah is an Indonesian rock music group formed in 2000 in Bandung, West Java.

The name Peterpan itself was obtained by accident. Boris, nicknamed Ariel, said that at that time Andika and his mother were in Puncak, Bogor. There Andika saw a rabbit satay stall called Peterpan.

After that Andika met Ariel CS who was preparing for an audition to become a home band at the cafe. Andika also proposed using the name Peterpan as the band name. Ariel CS, who was having a hard time preparing for the audition, immediately agreed without thinking.



Gigi is Indonesia’s top band. This band was formed in 1994 with the initiation of Dewa Budjana.

Gigi’s personnel at that time, Baron, Thomas, Ronald, Budjana and Armand had traveled across the music industry with their respective careers.

At that time, Dewa Budjana had the dream of forming a band with two guitar players and then formed this band on March 22 1994.

Gigi succeeded in producing their first album entitled Dunia in 1995. The song Janji in this album succeeded in launching Gigi onto the stage of the Indonesian music industry as a group whose existence and musicality were taken into account.

3. The SIGIT


The SIGIT or the abbreviation for The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent is a rock band from Bandung. The band, which consists of Rektivianto Yoewono, Aditya Bagja Mulyana, Farri Icksan Wibisana, and Donar Armando Ekana, actually doesn’t want to be categorized as a particular genre. However, their music has been described as that of a garage rock band whose music is often compared to that of Wolfmother and The Datsuns.

In 2004, they released a mini album entitled The SIGIT. Since releasing this album, the name of the singer of “Soul Sister” immediately became famous in Bandung and Jakarta. Even The SIGIT as the hottest Rock N Roll band.

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