Last Child Returns to Pop Punk Again, Virgoun: Let Listeners Who Have Only Heard the Song ‘Grief’ Know Our Original Music!

Last Child is back! As well as celebrating 16 years of career, the band fronted by Virgoun (vocals), Dimaz Rangga (bass), and Ipank (drums) released their newest ” Moments That “.

If you listen to this song, you could say it’s louder than Last Child’s works in recent years.

The thing is, Virgoun wanted to let new Last Child listeners hear that the band also had its rocky days.

“Those Moments were created for two purposes. Firstly, to relieve the longing of Last Friends (as Last Child fans are known) to reminisce about the fast songs like when the band was first formed. “And secondly, introducing Last Child’s original musical identity to ‘kids today’ who only know our songs as Grief, Surrender and a few other songs,” said Virgoun.

“If you ask what makes it different compared to previous songs, I think that yesterday we came out with songs that were fast, but lyrically they were confusing, right? So what’s really cool now is, lyrically it’s still love, but we’re taking it from the fun side. Guaranteed to be fun!”, added Ipank.

In terms of theme, “Those Moments” is inspired by the true story of the vocalist’s love journey; about a band boy who meets a girl at a music event, and with all his limitations struggles to win the girl’s love in the hope that one day she will become his life partner.

“Virgoun actually wrote this song a long time ago, up to now he has changed the arrangement 3 times, but this latest version is the funniest, because the three of us have known each other since high school, the chemistry and direction of the music we want to take together have already come together. ; “Just return the sense of music to the beginning of Last Child’s career,” continued Dimaz.

Yep, that’s right. This song has actually “appeared” in the series Me and the Time Machine (2021) which can be watched on the Dapur Musik YouTube channel.2 of 2 pages

“Well, when the project Me and the Time Machine was released, one of the songs that was asked about in the comments was this song. Because at that time we gave very little leaks, so many people asked what the song was in that episode, that minute, whose song was it and what was the title? Then we agreed, no one answered, so we just had to wait for the game date. Hahaha!”, continued Virgoun.

Last Child also hopes that “Those Moments” can be a form of celebration for those who are in love, as well as a celebration of togetherness for their friendship.

“Most people say ‘don’t look back, just look forward, move on’; like that, yeah. But through this song, we give another perspective, sometimes looking back can be that fun, you know, there are definitely sweet and beautiful events that can be a mood-booster for us in the present. “Well, hopefully this can be felt,” added Dimaz.

“Insha Allah, this song can be accepted, digested and enjoyed. For those who miss Last Child, you can get relief while moshing or head-banging perhaps. “Continue, for those who know Last Child through this song, hopefully it can be a song to accompany PDKT/going out with, and can also be played when you’re having fun hanging out with friends, because good times last forever!”, concluded Ipank.

Listen to Last Child – Those Times below:

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