NTB’s Exports Will Increase in 2024, Non-Oil and Gas Excavated Mining Goods are the Biggest Contributor

Mataram – The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of NTB Province released that the export value of NTB Province in January 2024 was US$ 184.72 million, an increase while the import value in January 2024 was US$ 171.42 million. 

The largest export commodities are dominated by non-oil and gas mining minerals.

This was conveyed by the Head of BPS NTB Province, Drs. Wahyudin, MM when delivering the official news release of statistics related to exports and imports in the Tambora Hall meeting room of the BPS NTB office, Thursday (15/02/24).

“Excavated/mined goods are the biggest contributor to NTB’s export value,” he said.

He explained that the largest export commodity groups for NTB Province in January 2024 were Non-Oil and Gas Excavated/Mining Goods amounting to US$ 181,821,307 (98.43 percent), jewelry/gems amounting to US$ 1,260,409 (0.68 percent), Fish and Shrimp amounting to US$ 1,080,421 (0.58 percent), Oily Grains amounting to US$ 260,987 (0.14 percent), Salt, Sulfur and Lime amounting to US$ 244,183 (0.13 percent), and Fruits amounting to US$ 35,000 (0.02 percent).

Meanwhile, the imported commodity groups with the largest value in January 2024 are Mechanical Machines/Aircraft (81.21 percent), Rubber and Rubber Goods (11.09 percent), Electrical Machines and Equipment (3.88), Plastics and Goods from Plastic (2.14), Mineral Fuels (0.49 percent), and home furniture and lighting (0.43). (Manikp@kominfo)

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