What is export?

Export is the activity of removing goods from the Indonesian customs area to the customs area of ​​another country or simply exporting is the activity of selling goods from within the country to abroad. People who carry out export activities are called exporters. So do you understand what is meant by export?

Export destination

Apart from selling a domestic product, the aim of exporting is to expand sales abroad so that sales profits will also increase. Apart from that, the benefit of exporting for a country is that it helps increase the country’s foreign exchange.

What conditions must be met to export?

To become a successful beginner exporter, you need to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. ​Preparing Business Legality  To be able to carry out export activities, entrepreneurs or exporters in Indonesia need to have an Export Permit. So you need to make sure your company is a legal entity and has complete business permits such as a Trading Business License (SIUP), NPWP, NIK (Customs Identity Number), and TDP (Company Registration Certificate). The legality of this business makes your export business legitimate and legal.
  2. Understand International Trade Procedures.  Understand the applicable international trade procedures and rules, as well as the export standards that must be met. For example, make sure your product meets the quality standards set in the destination country in order to compete in the international market. Also get to know the shipping cost process, selecting freight forwarder services , goods insurance, and customs procedures.
  3. Use the SiMoDIS Application  Use the Real-Time Integrated Foreign Exchange Monitoring System (SiMoDIS) to monitor and track export and import activities, as well as information related to foreign exchange. That way, you can assess your export performance and make reports efficiently. 
  4. Take advantage of TD Currency DHE from Bank Indonesia.  By utilizing the Term Deposit in Foreign Currency Proceeds from Export Foreign Exchange (TD Valas DHE) from Bank Indonesia, you can place your foreign exchange proceeds from exports in Bank Indonesia at competitive interest rates. Apart from that, you will also get various additional incentives, so that the foreign exchange proceeds from your exports are safe and of course more profitable. Currently there are 20 banks appointed to place exporter customer funds with Bank Indonesia. 

By fulfilling the requirements above, you will be better prepared to start a successful export business. Don’t hesitate to seek further information and consult with related parties who have been successful as exporters.

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