Angger Dimas: The More I Smile, The More I Break Down

Angger Dimas gave a statement regarding many netizens who criticized him for smiling amidst the news of the death of his son, Dante. He asked netizens not to give bad comments to him.

“The more I smile, the more broken I actually am,” said Angger Dimas when met at Polda Metro Jaya, here.

“Please, don’t comment on my face when I smile,” he explained again.

Angger Dimas also knows that currently his ex-wife, Tamara Tyasmara, is being criticized by netizens because her smiling photo is being widely discussed. He also defended Tamara Tyasmara.

“Please everyone, no matter what, we know what position my ex-wife is in, please don’t press before anything happens, we still follow the law in Indonesia,” said Angger Dimas.

“I ask not to put too much pressure. I ask for help because I want her to be the mother of my child. I ask to be nice, to be positive before the results come out,” he continued.

Even though he wants to try to reduce netizens’ insults, Angger Dimas is not concerned about his ex-wife’s condition. According to him, like it or not, such conditions must be faced.

“Yes, I’m not really concerned. Actually, this is something that has to be faced. Yes, just like me, I wasn’t there when I suddenly received news, so that’s what I have to accept,” said Angger Dimas.

Angger Dimas believes Tamara Tyasmara feels the same sadness as him after losing her only child.

“Even though I no longer have any relationship with Tamara, I’m sure she is very sad,” he concluded.

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