5 Indonesian Bands that Still Survive with 3 Personnel

It’s not easy to maintain a band. The Indonesian band which only has three members will be discussed in this Okezone article.

The band survived with three members for various reasons. However, the remaining three members are one way to maintain the life of the band to this day.

1. Sheila On 7

Sheila on 7 is now strengthened by Duta as vocalist, Eross as guitarist and Adam on bass. After Brian’s departure in 2022, Sheila still maintains three personnel to date.read also:

5 Indonesian Bands that Still Survive with 3 Personnel


Since its inception, NTRL has maintained a three-personnel formation. Now NTRL is strengthened by Bagus Dhanar Dhana (Ombags) – vocalist, bass picker (1992–present), Eno Gitara Ryanto (Bang Eno) – drummer, backing vocalist (1998–present) and Christopher Bollemeyer (Den Coki) – main guitarist & rhythm guitarist, backing vocalist (2002–present).

3. Square Band

The box consists of Tantri (Tantri Syalindri Ichlasari), Chua (Swasti Sabdastantri) and Cella (Mario Marcella). After Posan’s departure, Kotak continued to maintain a three-person formation.

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