Xdinary Heroes Concert Tickets in Jakarta Suddenly Upgraded, Check Out the Details

 The Xdinary Heroes concert which will be held in Indonesia, is only a matter of days away. Titled Break the Brake, the event was held at The Kasablanka Hall on Saturday (2/3/2024).

Ahead of the concert, there is good news for Xdinary Heroes fans who will watch the idol’s concert. Because Mecima Pro , as the promoter, announced that there were changes to the Yellow category.

Yellow category ticket holders who were previously in the festival position, aka standing, will now get a seat. This was officially reported by Mecimapro via its Instagram page.

“Dear Villains Indonesia, because there are adjustments in the Xdinary Heroes <Break the Brake> World Tour in Jakarta (concert), there will be changes in the Yellow category,” wrote Mecimapro in his upload, Wednesday (28/2/2024).

“The Yellow category, which previously had a standing format, has now changed to a seating format,” he added.

This change also applies to each category Yellow A and B. Which will later change to Yellow right and left.

The following are the ticket categories provided by the promoter. Yellow (Rp. 1.1 million), Green (Rp. 1.7 million), Blue (Rp. 2.4 million) and MCP Package (Rp. 2.8 million).

As a warm-up, what songs will Xdinary Heroes perform at the concert? Perhaps, the setlist for their concert in Paris, France could be a leak.

One of the songs that will definitely be present is of course Break the Brake which is on Xdinary Heroes’ latest EP, Livelock. Remembering that the name of this concert matches the single.

Apart from Break the Brake, there are several songs on the Livelock EP which were part of the setlist at the Xdinary Heroes concert in Paris, France. Among them are ‘Freddy’, ‘Enemy’, ‘Paranoid’, ‘Bad Chemical’, ‘Again? Again!’as well as ‘Pluto’.

Another prediction that cannot be ignored is Xdinary Heroes’ Bandar togel terpercaya debut song, Happy Death Day, which will be released in 2021.

Xdinary Heroes is indeed a new band that emerged in 2021. However, regarding achievements, Jungsu CS can be compared.

For example, the first song Xdinary Heroes, Happy Death Day, is at number 12 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales.

Others won two trophies at MAMA 2022. The awards were for the ‘Best Band Performance’ and ‘Best New Male Artist’ categories.

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