Chris Martin’s Hilarious Action in the Middle of a Concert, Borrowing a Hundred from the Audience via Pantun

Chris Martin gave fans a surprise in the middle of his performance when he appeared with Coldplay personnel at the GBK Main Stadium, Jakarta, Wednesday (15/11/2023) evening. The reason is, after performing several songs such as Higher Power, Adventure Of A Lifetime, and Paradise, Chris suddenly read a rhyme. “Hi Jakarta. “I want to read rhymes,” said Chris Martin, trying to speak Indonesian. Read Also Bringing Higher Power, Coldplay Opens the Concert with an Invitation to Get the Audience Excited “Tuesday, physics exam. “In order to study, in order to graduate, first borrow a hundred,” said Chris Martin. Spectators throughout the GBK stadium area were suddenly ‘laughing’ in congregation. Even though he sounded a little stuttered when reading the rhyme, Chris succeeded in stirring the stomachs of the audience with his Indonesian jokes. For your information, Coldplay finally opened their first concert entitled Musif of Spheres World Tour in Jakarta on Wednesday (15/11/2023) evening. After opening with Rahmania Astrini’s performance, Chris Martin cs then entered the stage area to greet the fans who had filled the GBK stadium area. As usual, Chris Martin and his friends appeared in bright, colorful outfits and on a magnificent stage set. Read Also Chris Martin Says Assalaamualaikum when Opening the Coldplay Concert at GBK Jakarta The audience present was hysterical. They looked enthusiastic because this was the first time the British rock band had performed in Indonesia. The atmosphere was not only broken by the loud screams of the audience, but also the stunning performance of Coldplay personnel when they performed the song entitled Higher Power. As the title suggests, the song succeeded in raising the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the audience present. Not to mention the sudden appearance of the GBK stadium like stars shining at night because the wrist bands worn by each visitor seemed to light up and flicker and change color.

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