King Charles Appears in Public for the First Time After Being Announced He Has Cancer

King Charles III appears in public for the first time after being diagnosed with cancer. King Charles is seen appearing with Queen Camilla.

Reported by AFP, Tuesday (6/2/2024), King Charles was seen leaving his residence near Buckingham Palace. The Press Association news agency reported he was believed to be traveling to Sandringham.

“It is believed to be preparing to travel by helicopter to Sandringham”, a royal residence in the East of England.

Reported by the BBC, Charles III was seen leaving Clarence House in London with Queen Camilla. Charles III appears wearing a black suit.

Previously, Buckingham Palace said that King Charles III’s cancer was discovered when the British King was undergoing treatment for his prostate disease. Test results showed that King Charles had cancer.

“During the king’s recent procedure for a benign prostate enlargement at the hospital, a separate issue came to attention. Subsequent diagnostic tests have identified a form of cancer,” the palace said in a statement.

However, the type of cancer that King Charles himself suffered from has not been revealed. The palace said King Charles III had begun treatment for his cancer