10 Richest Bands in the World, The Beatles Reach USD 2.2 Billion

 A list of the richest bands in the world that you may not know about. The world’s top bands often present masterpieces that are enjoyable to listen to at any time.

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It is not surprising that many fans like their works. As a result, these bands get high fees from albums and gigs.

In fact, their income makes them one of the richest bands in the world. The following is a list of the richest bands in the world as quoted from Metal Shout, on Thursday (4/5/2023).

1. The Beatles – USD2,2 miliar

The Beatles, 10 Richest Bands in the World

It is common knowledge that The Beatles are one of the most successful bands in history. Even though they were only active for 10 years, The Beatles managed to achieve enormous commercial success.

Their albums sold 600 million copies worldwide and made a lot of money. In 2022, The Beatles’ wealth was estimated at USD 2.2 billion.

2. U2 – USD1.8 billion

U2 is also listed as the richest band in the world. The winners of 22 Grammy Awards are estimated to have earned USD 1.8 billion from sales of 110 million copies of their albums worldwide. Not to mention the tour entitled 360 which was recorded as the highest grossing tour in history.

3. The Rolling Stones – USD1,45 miliar

Then there is The Rolling Stones who have wealth of USD 1.45 billion. They got this wealth from album sales of 100 million copies. The band fronted by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards has also received Grammy Awards for its album entitled ‘Blue & Lonesome’.

4. Metallica – USD1.1 billion

This very popular heavy metal genre band was formed in 1981 by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield. Metallica is even known as one of the Big Four of Trash Metal and has sold 102 million albums. Their net worth is predicted to reach USD 1.1 billion in 2022.

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