14 Popular 2000s Bands That Will Make You Nostalgic!

The 200s are one of the most exciting years to be remembered by 90s kids. The reason is, during that era, many bands from the 2000s released their best hits  .

Unlike now which looks cool and calm, Indonesian bands in the 2000s took turns releasing songs and albums that sold well on the market. It’s no surprise that 90s kids miss the passion of the music industry in the 2000s.

The popularity of hit  songs  from 2000s bands not only makes these bands continue to be remembered but also makes them have many fans who of course will wait for every concert that 2000s bands hold.

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14 Popular Indonesian 2000s Bands

So, of the many bands from the 2000s that reached the peak of their popularity, Bob has summarized 10 bands that are ready to invite you to reminisce through the  hit  songs they released. Check these out!

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1. Sheila On 7

One of the first bands from the 2000s that is ready to invite you to reminisce is Sheila On 7. This band from Yogyakarta is famous for its songs that are light and very  relatable  to the ups and downs of love and adolescence.

With the themes carried in each album, it is not surprising that many millennials are immersed in nostalgia when watching live concerts of this 2000s band that has released 10 albums.

Consisting of Duta (vocals), Eros (guitar), Adam (bass), and Brian (drums), some songs that you should listen to again from Sheila on 7 are  Sephia, Lapang Dadang, How Appropriate,  and many others.

Sheila On 7

Source: voi.id

2. Bed

Other 2000s bands both came from Yogyakarta. The band is Letto. Formed in 2004, Letto itself consists of Noe (vocals), Patub (guitar), Arian (bass), and Dhedot (drums).

In its heyday, Letto’s songs such as  Heart’s Request, Ruang Rindu,  and  Before Cahaya  became songs that had to be included in  the playlists  of millennial generation children in the 2000s.

Currently, Letto himself rarely appears  on air  on the small screen. After releasing the album  Cinta, Bersabdalah,  Letto has not released an album and is more focused on performing  off air.


Source: spotify.com

3. Peterpan

The 2000s could be said to be the stage for this 2000s band from Bandung. Peterpan, or better known as Noah, was able to hit homeland music lovers with songs that were so pleasant to listen to.

The distinctive voice and charisma of the vocalist, Ariel, made this band one of the most popular bands in the 2000s. Ariel’s popularity made many 90s kids change their haircut to a middle part like Ariel.

In his day, many radio stations played hit  songs  released by Ariel et al. Some songs that you must listen to for nostalgia are  What’s Up With You, Mask, Bintang di Surga,  and  Maybe Later.


Source: spotify.com

4. Radja

Since the release of the song  Cinderella,  Radja has finally embarked on an upward career path thereafter. This band from the 2000s could be said to be one of the bands whose career was quite shining during that period.

The songs were  catchy  and easy to memorize, making songs such as  Ordinary Man, Hate Saying Love,  and  Honestly  sink into the ears of music lovers at that time.

After not appearing on the screen for a long time, many people thought that Radja’s fate was hanging in the balance. This news itself was finally denied by Ian Kasela who said that Radja was now off the air more often  .

king band

Source: lifestyle.sindonews.com

5. There is a band

You certainly remember  hits  from the 2000s such as  Stupid Humans, Because of Women,  and Spoiled. In that year, the song became a song that was often played on radio and selling pirated cassettes.

Fronted by Donnie Sibarani (vocalist), Krishna Balagita (keyboard), Marshal (guitarist) and Dika Satjadibrata (bassist), this 2000s band is famous for its songs with themes of love and heartbreak.

In 2017, Donnie left to focus on spirituality. After searching for a new vocalist for a long time, in 2020, Naga was finally appointed as the new vocalist for Ada Band after leaving his old band, Lyla.


Source: kompas.com

6. Kerispatih

For those of you who like watching soap operas or FTV from the 2000s, you definitely know the songs from this 2000s band. The reason is, this band’s songs have melanchonic lyrics and are suitable for  the FTV soundtrack  .

Formed in 2003, Kerispatih itself originally consisted of Arief (guitar), Anton (drums), Andika (bass), and Hurricane (keyboard). One year later, Sammy joined as vocalist for Kerispatih.

Kerispatih’s success began to falter, starting with Sammy’s arrest on a drug case. After that, in 2016, Hurricane left this 2000s band to pursue his solo career.


Source: matamata.com

7. Nidji

In the midst of  the pop and  rock  genres  that adorned Indonesian music in the 2000s, this 2000s band came with  a relatively fresh genre  . It’s not surprising that this band finally caught the attention of the Indonesian music public.

The band is Nidji. Not only is the music fresh for music listeners in the 2000s, another unique thing about this 2000s band is the eccentric appearance of Nidji’s former vocalist, Giring.

Let it be, Laskar Pelangi, Secret of the Heart  are some of  the hits  from the band which is now starting to embark on a new band career. This happened after being left by Giring Ganesha who decided to enter the world of politics.


Source: jasabaru.tribunnews.com

8. Padi

Another 2000s band is Padi. Formed in 1997, Padi itself is actually an art project from the campus activities of five students at Airlangga University, Surabaya.

This 2000s band is known for  hits  that are ready to melt your heart when you listen to them. Some of them are  Waiting for an Answer, All Are Not the Same,  and  Love Doesn’t Reach.

After a hiatus of approximately seven years starting in 2011, Padi finally made  a comeback  to the Indonesian music industry by labeling themselves with a new name, namely Padi Reborn.


Source: entertainment.kompas.com

9. Slim

It seems like 90s kids definitely know this 2000s band. The reason is, this band is one of the bands that has been active in the Indonesian music industry for quite a long time. The band is Slank.

This rock-  based band  often creates songs containing social criticism for the government. Even though they are often banned, this doesn’t bother Kaka et al. to continue releasing songs with the theme of social criticism.

Not only about social criticism, several songs from 2000s bands that still exist today also carry themes that are accepted by many groups, namely love. One of  his popular hits  is I Miss U but I Hate U.


Source: infopublik.id

10. Naive

It would be incomplete to reminisce about the 2000s era without mentioning the name of this 2000s band. The reason is,  the hits  that this band released themselves are very  relatable  to their era but are still fun to listen to now.

The band Bob is referring to is Naif. Many  hits  were popularized by the band from Jakarta, fronted by David Bayu (vocals), Emil (bass), Jarwo (guitar), and Pepeng (drums).

Some  hits  that are ready to invite you to reminisce are  Water and Fire, Racing Car, Hate to Love, Possessive,  and many others. So far, Naif has released 11 albums during the 2000s band’s 25-year musical journey.


Source: Suara.com

11. Repvblik

In the 2000s, Repvblik also reached the peak of their success. Their soulful songs can easily touch the hearts of listeners. One of their songs that was very famous at that time was ‘Just Want You To Know’. Until now, this band is still active and continues to contribute to the world of music.


Source: kompas.com

12. Domino

In the 2000s, Domino’s songs which were full of energy with lyrics because they had deep meaning were very popular. One of the songs that was very popular at that time was ‘Who Deserves’. Currently, the band changed its name to Govinda and consists of five members. They continue to exist and are active in the music industry to this day.


Source: Kapanlagi.com

13. ST12

In the 2000s, ST12 achieved extraordinary success. This band created many very good songs. The ST12 band is famous for its Malay pop songs which have the characteristic voice of the vocalist, Charly.

Unfortunately, the band experienced a breakup in 2011. However, they reunited in 2012 with new members. Charly then decided to leave ST12 which had given him fame. He and Pepeng then formed a new band called Setia Band.


Source: spotify.com

14. Kangen Band

Kangen Band had high popularity in the past with their characteristic Malay pop songs. Andika as a vocalist has a very distinctive voice in Kangen Band’s songs.

Unfortunately, the band experienced many problems, including Andika’s decision to leave the band. Not only that, they also often experience personnel changes. Currently, there is no recent news about this band and it is reported that they have disbanded and are no longer active.

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