Lee Delray “is an innovator who is not afraid to push the limits of the Blues.”  Brand New Man “might very well be the most cutting edge Blues release in the past decade.”  (Read More)

Richard LHommedieu- Making a Scene

“Lee Delray is, simply, the complete package. He is extremely versatile, able to assess his audience and their needs. And he truly delivers, whether the song calls for rock, country, jazz, funk and, in the case of the aforementioned “First-String Man,” even hip-hop. He is an artist with a sense of adventure, yet he still has his finger on the pulse of appealing to his fan base. I’m sure he will generate a number of new fans too with his latest, Brand New Man.”   (Read More)

Eric Harabadian- Geoff Wilbur’s Music Blog

Oh man, fans of great song writing and blistering blues guitar are just gonna eat this one up. BNM is Lee’s 2nd album, and it’s a stone cold killer. Brand New Man is a rugged, in your face blues experience that I wouldn’t miss for the world.  Delray’s guitar playing has an SRV intensity to it, and the band as a whole attacks each song with such relish is hard NOT to bob your head and keep saying “yeah!” GREAT stuff.” (Read More)


“Lee Delray is a better than average slide guitarist and an exceptional composer who makes an effort of forwarding the cause of the blues commercially. This is a tough market and the music Delray produces is better than his peers. ” (Read More) 

C. Michael Bailey,  ALL ABOUT JAZZ- USA

“The unique thing about this release is the various approaches to the blues.  In addition to the solid and funky numbers we hear even a collaboration with a rapper and a DJ, which is very surprising, but delivers a particularly pleasing result.”  (Read More)


His class as a guitarist he displays a sharp and divisive solo on his six string.  Lee Delray is not afraid to try something new.  ‘First String Man’ features rapper Young Chizz and Deejay Nogood on turntables.  This daring mix of styles could make the blues appeal to younger generations. It is certainly a successful move by the guitar virtuoso. ” (Read More) 

Walter Vanheuckelom, CONCERT MONKEY- Belgium

Hard, heavy and high octane throughout, this is smoking hot guitar blues for the new century, showing the way now that we’re almost a fifth of the way into it. Find out what hipper blues fans have been knowing about since 1998. Well done.”         (Read More) 


It’s no surprise that Lee has brought that same intensity and firepower to his latest recording, “Brand New Man.”…Lee Delray has made an album that will appeal to a broad fan base.  “Brand New Man” is a set full of a young man’s fire and soul!  (Read More)

Don and Sheryl- Nashville Blues Society- USA

“Lee Delray concentrates on satisfying fans of the Kings (BB, Freddie and Albert) on some excellent self penned numbers such as “Blues Came Calling”, “Gotcha” and “Cookin’ In My Kitchen”.  It’s nice to see a modern blues performer taking some chances and, best of all, pulling it off.”  (Read More)


“Lee Delray is an interesting mix of blues with soul, funk, and even hip hop…Delray raises the bar a little higher with his second album”   (Read More) 

Fred Delforge, LE ZICAZINE- France

“As regards to style it fits perfectly in the blues idiom.  Sturdy, yet melodic. However, he is not afraid to go beyond the paved paths, which can be heard in and becomes especially clear with the funky “First String Man,” featuring rapper Young Chizz. Lee Delray is a fine guitarist who also hold his own on the slide guitar.  (Read More) 

Eric Campfens, BLUESZINE- Netherlands

“570-BLUES is a great jumping off point and promises a tremendous future for Lee Delray who has musical chops, good songs, and an expressive singing voice.”  (Read More)


“Lee and company handle the blues rock idiom with a rough and ready ease, without staying too far from the blues source.  The band are able to handle anything from the hard-edged end to the more mellow fare.  Bands like this will proudly carry the blues-rock torch well into the future.” (Read More)

  Greg “Bluesdog” Szalony,